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Transcript Requests

Currently Enrolled Students: If you are needing a transcript please click below link and create an account.  

Click link:  

Alumni Transcripts will now be handled through a new company that SJUSD has partnered with.  Please go to – or click link below.  You will need to create an account and from there you will be able to request as many transcripts and what kind you will need.  There are multiple choices on how you would like the transcript.  You will no longer need to fill out a request form, bring/email it, and then hope it doesn’t get lost in the mail.  You will also be able to see when you requested your transcript, when it gets processed and when the college receives it.  

Click link   

The registrar, Debbie Carpenter, is in the office from 6:30 - 3:00 (lunch from 11-11:30).

**Please allow colleges 6 weeks to process transcripts**

GED Requests:

If you are inquiring about obtaining information about your GED that you took here at  BV, you will need to contact the State of California at 1-877-392-6433.  This includes getting a copy of your results.  BV was only a testing site and we don’t keep any results here on campus.

School Ranking:  Per District Board Policy as of 9/4/18 – SJUSD no longer ranks students – this information is no longer reported to Institutions of Higher Learning.

Regarding competitive elite universities or other private colleges/universities:

SJUSD recently voted, through Cabinet approval, to remove rank and class size from official SJUSD transcripts. Due to the innumerable variations that can occur in GPA calculations and the intense pressure put upon our students, we followed suit with many of the top districts in the country and made this move.

Students will be evaluated on individual merit without comparison to others.

* SJUSD is NO longer reporting rank and class size to institutions of higher learning.

Since rank is not released to colleges and universities, specific place order will not be used in admissions decisions.

As a rule, students are evaluated on individual merit. Specifically to the elite universities, decisions are made following a comprehensive review. Factors outside of the student’s control should be noted by the student in the application. During comprehensive review, allowances are made for these factors and decisions are reached by evaluating individual record, (grades, test scores, rigor of study and other extra/co-curricular activities).                                              

2023/24 Grading Periods
Report Name Grade Period Ends Window Opens Window Closes Grades Viewable on  Q
Progress Report #1 9/8/2023 9/1/2023 9/11/2023 9/15/2023
Progress Report #2 10/13/2023 10/6/2023 10/16/2023 10/20/2023
Progress Report #3 11/17/2023 11/8/2023 11/27/2023 12/1/2023
Sem 1 Transcript 1/8/2024 12/15/2023 1/8/2024 1/12/2024
Progress Report #4 2/9/2024 2/2/2024 2/12/2024 2/16/2024
Progress Report #5 3/22/2024 3/15/2024 4/1/2024 4/5/2024
Progress Report #6 4/26/2024 4/19/2024 4/29/2024 5/3/2024
Sem 2 Transcript 6/4/2024 5/24/2024 6/5/2024 6/10/2024


Office of the Registrar 

Transcript Requests 

Withdrawing a Student

Student Records

Education Verifications 

Debbie Carpenter   

Phone: (916) 971-5050

Fax: (916) 971-5011

Final unofficial transcripts are mailed home in January and June. Please make copies for unofficial purposes. Details on how to order transcripts is shown below. 


Education Verifications:  There is now a fee of $20.00 for this service.