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Dance Rules


Bella Vista Dance Rules
“Be Classy, Not Trashy”
Current School ID required
for admittance to dances
No admittance after 9 pm
Tickets are pre-sale only
Refunds will not be given AFTER the dance for any reason
NO alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs allowed. Students suspected of being under the influence of illegal substances will be referred to law enforcement, suspended, and placed on social probation.

NO Sexually suggestive dancing (groping, twerking, dirty dancing, etc. will not be tolerated.)

• No bending over (L rule)
• No putting hands on floor
• No moshing
• No dirty dancing chains
• No touching other people’s private parts

Dance Dress Code

No plunging necklines, no backless, and no extremely short dresses (hands over head check). Spaghetti strap and strapless dresses are allowed for semi-formal and formal dances. No bare midriffs or undergarments showing. No sagging pants. Shirts must remain on throughout the dance (no vests only). Students will be checked at the door. Anyone in violation will not be admitted. Students are to maintain the dress code throughout the dance (no changing clothes). Any student in the dance in violation of dress code will be removed from dance. Dances held in the gym require soft bottom or no shoes to avoid damaging the floor. 

Students who violate the above dance and dress code rules will lose dance attendance privileges. If large groups engage in such activities, it may be necessary to turn on the lights, stop the music, or end the dance. Help us maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all!

Consequences (3 Strikes)

First offense:
Warning, student ID card confiscated, incident documented, parent phone call.

Second offense: incident documented, immediate removal from the current dance, parent notified, loss of privilege to attend the next scheduled dance (dance probation).

Third offense: loss of privilege to attend dances for the remainder of the school year.

No Re-Entry
Students may leave a dance at any time. When students leave a dance, they may not return and must leave campus. Loitering in the parking lot or around campus is not permitted. At the conclusion of dances all students and guests must leave campus immediately. Arrange transportation home in advance.