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Researching Colleges

Researching Colleges and Universities

What are your goals?


Begin planning for college your freshman year:

  • Research college admissions high school course requirements
  • Meet with your counselor to map out a personalized high school course plan
  • Talk with your parents about how you’ll finance your college plans and begin researching financial aid opportunities
  • Use the College and Career Center website and the College and Career Center as a resource and guide
  • Log into Naviance and play with the College Super Match program.
  • Research college majors:  Searching majors for UCs and CSUs

There are many things to consider when choosing the college/university for you:

  • Major – Is your major/subject of interest available at this college?
  • Location - Do I want to be close to or far away from home?
  • Cost – Research cost to live at college town as well as cost of tuition. Work out a budget.
  • Size – Consider class size and size of total student population.
  • Diversity
  • Housing – What sort of on-campus housing is available to students?
  • Extracurriculars
  • Financial Aid – Does this college offer sufficient financial aid or scholarships opportunities?
  • Campus Life – Is this a social campus, commuter campus, quiet campus
  • Reputation – Is the college accredited and trustworthy? What do other students say about this college?

Researching Colleges and Universities:

  • Check out the catalogs and college guide books available in the BV College and Career Center
  • Visiting the BV College and Career website
  • Talking with your counselor
  • Visiting the web sites of the colleges in which you have an interest and taking a virtual tour
  • Attending presentations by college representatives visiting BV
  • Attending the many college information sessions and college fairs that take place in the Sacramento area
  • Visiting the campuses during their Open House and Preview Days (especially during your junior and senior years)
  • Checking the student bulletin, the Flash, and the CCC web page for announcements regarding visiting college reps, information sessions, preview days, etc...

Create a list of colleges/universities that would work for you:

  • Reach - Your test score are below average for this school, but are close. This includes elite schools like Stanford, Duke, Harvard etc…
  • Target – School you really want to attend and your stats (test scores, GPA) meet their requirements.
  • Safety – You have above average scores for this school and would be very likely to get in.

Biggest question to ask yourself:  Will I be happy here?

Helpful websites include:  Similar to our Naviance program.  This website has information will help you with information about selecting a college, financial aid, researching careers/majors and more. admission requirements, compare/explore colleges, financial aid info, and more for private and public colleges and universities in California. - US government site that allows future students to evaluate and compare institutions’ prices, financial aid, enrollment fees and academic disciplines. QuestBridge is a powerful platform bridging the nation's brightest, under-served youth and leading institutions of higher education and further opportunities. - locate appropriate schools by matching test results and other variables The National Collegiate Athletic Association website. – virtual college tours