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College & Career Center

local scholarships

(Gray areas indicate scholarships have not been updated by the organization for the 2023 - 2024 school year)      Last Updated 11/15/23

ptsa scholarship

PTSA scholarship is currently closed for 2023 and will reopen around Jan. 2024

Student applicants must be a member of BV PTSA to apply.  Link to membership.


Signing up for College/Career Visits & Events

  1. Sign up at least 24 hours in advance in the College and Career Center through the Library.
  2. Juniors and Seniors have priority.
  3. Passes will be delivered to classes in order to attend on-campus  visits.
  4. NO last minute walk-ins permitted.

Link to list of currently scheduled visits and events


Life After High School Options

High school is the time to explore your interests and determine your skill sets so that you may direct yourself towards a career that matches your interests and abilities. Once you’ve determined a potential career you will be able to determine whether your life after high school goals will be focused on entry into the workforce, enrollment into an apprenticeship or vocational training program, enlisting in the military,  or attendance at a community college, or a 4-year college.

General Information about the CCC

The Bella Vista College and Career Center (the CCC) is a valuable center for planning life after high school. The CCC is staffed by BV parent volunteers who work with counselors, teachers and staff to provide information and other resources to all students – those who plan to attend a college, those who plan to enter a vocational or occupational training program, and those who just aren’t sure.  

WHERE: The CCC is located inside the Bella Vista Library, behind the check-out counter.

WHEN: The CCC is open during library hours mid-September through mid-May. For assistance from trained volunteers, stop by during lunch hours as well as before Open House and Back to School Night. We encourage all parents and students to stop by for a visit.

CONTACT: Please stop by during lunch, call (916)971-5083 or email the CCC Volunteers at

Interested in becoming a CCC Volunteer?  

Email or call (916)971-5083