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Science Department

The following is a list of criteria for science classes:

Note: Acceptance into honors science classes does not mean automatic acceptance into other department’s honors courses. 

  • 1st Year Science - (9th grade - required)
  • Biology - No Prerequisites or Recommendations needed
  • Honors Biology - Enrollment Recommendations: 
    •  Qualified for Honors English (ELA MAP 230, Math MAP score of 245+) 
    • AND 3.5 GPA or higher. No C’s
    • Co-enrolled in IM2 or higher OR IM 1 with math MAP of 245+ 


Stuart Arthur
Chemistry, Honors Chemistry

Troy Baucom

Sally Fischel

Tyler Gerould
Chemistry, AP Chemistry 

Melanie Jaramillo
Physiology, Honors Physiology

Jeff Macklem
Physics, Biology 

Charlie Saylor
Department Chair
AP Physics 1 & 2, Honors Physics, Physics  

Daniel Touchard
Biology, Physiology 

Anne Varanelli 
Honors Biology, AP Biology

Jeff Watts
Biology, Honors Biology