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Science Department

The following is a list of criteria for science classes:

Note: Acceptance into honors science classes does not mean automatic acceptance into other department’s honors courses. 

  • 1st Year Science - (9th grade - required)
  • Biology - No Prerequisites or Recommendations needed
  • Honors Biology - Enrollment Recommendations: 
    •  Qualified for Honors English (ELA MAP 230, Math MAP score of 245+) 
    • AND 3.5 GPA or higher. No C’s
    • Co-enrolled in IM2 or higher OR IM 1 with math MAP of 245+ 


Stuart Arthur (retired) Vacancy
Chemistry, Honors Chemistry

Troy Baucom

Sally Fischel

Tyler Gerould
Chemistry, AP Chemistry 

Melanie Jaramillo
Physiology, Honors Physiology

Jeff Macklem
Physics, Biology 

Charlie Saylor
Department Chair
AP Physics 1 & 2, Honors Physics, Physics  

Daniel Touchard
Biology, Physiology 

Anne Varanelli 
Honors Biology, AP Biology

Jeff Watts
Biology, Honors Biology