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Welcome to Bella Vista High School AVID!  

What is AVID?  Watch this video to learn a little more about the AVID program:

In a nutshell, AVID is for:

  • Students who are in the academic middle (no F’s for grades since they won’t be college eligible)
  • Students who could use extra support, organizational skills, mentorship
  • Students who are first generation students or low income
  • Students who want to attend a four year college after high school

What AVID provides for the students:

  • College field trips to visit campuses and learn about programs
  • Organizational and study skills such as taking notes and preparing for tests
  • Academic support in the form of study groups and tutorials
  • College and career research
  • Instruction and time to prepare for:  FAFSA, college applications, and scholarships

Additional Resources:


Scan the QR code or click here for a link to the AVID Application!



Please contact Kamryn Gonzalez, BVHS AVID Coordinator, at if you have any questions.